Infrastructures & Utilities

The Infrastructure & Utilities division focuses its investments on three specific market trends through companies already consolidated in the sector:

Biofuel Group Matrix

Conversion of existing gas&oil companies into producers and distributors of Biofuels.

The European Commission’s commitment to the development and use of biofuels, through Directive (EU) 2018/2001 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 11 December 2018, has been translated into a Development Plan for all the countries of the Union (NREAP, National Renewable Energy Action Plan) which specifies the growing objectives of its production and use.

The reports of the European Commission (NREAPs, Member States progress report) show a widening of the gap between actual consumption (2,640 ktoe) and the target (5,334 ktoe) of biofuel consumption.

AKILES integrates gas&oil and biofuel production companies to adapt existing infrastructures to the growing demand for biofuels.

Telecom Company
Telecom Companies consolidation.

The European Commission’s Digital Economy and Society Index (DESI) reflects in its studies the need for infrastructure implementation for connectivity, the low use of internet services and the growing integration of digital technology in the Balkan area. The fragmentation of the telecommunications sector in the region tends to direct its strategies towards economies of scale to cope with such investments.

AKILES acquires and integrates telecommunication services for its development in the Balkans.

Smart waste management company
Promote intelligent waste management with technologies that respect the environment.

The growth of the world population, the greater urbanization of today’s societies and the growth of consumption have translated into an exponential increase in the production of waste (expected growth in waste generation of 72% by 2025, according to World Bank reports) and environmental degradation.

Current infrastructures cannot meet the needs of this growth and, as a result, the need for technologically intelligent infrastructures that allow for more efficient waste treatment is increasing. These investments are currently increasing, representing on average 30% of municipal funds in developed countries.

AKILES promotes the implementation of intelligent infrastructures for the treatment of urban waste.

Waste disposal and clean energy generation company.

Linked to the growing generation of waste worldwide, the renewable energy sector plays a key role in sustainable development worldwide. It is expected that by 2035 more than 50% of energy generation will come from renewable sources (currently close to 20%) and a key role is the generation of energy infrastructure that uses waste as a raw material.

New investments in renewable energy reached $280 billion in 2017 and the trend is growing every year. The global renewable energy market is projected at $2 Trillion by 2025. AKILES invests in waste elemination and clean energy generation through EQTEC Gasifier Technology.

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